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“My Nephew struggled with Maths

He got frustrated and finally refused to do his homework...So, I took out a deck of cards and played an addition game with him. We had lots of fun and solved many maths questions.

I thought to myself, Wouldn’t it be more fun, using interactive ways to teach children what they enjoy doing, just like playing games? So VMO was born.”

~Teacher Wong, ANITHINK Founder & VMO Game Creator

Play a game & Learn Maths

with VMO Maths Card Game

  • A supportive Parent
    I have difficulties encouraging my son to do his Maths’ homework, he doesn’t seem to like Maths , however ever since he attended ANITHINK’s Creative Maths class, his attitude changes for the better, and his Maths’s grade improves !
    A supportive Parent
  • Audrey Chan amazing game that can increase students' interest in Mathematics. ...Students nowadays are struggling to solve even simple basic arithmetic as they relied too much on calculators. By introducing VMO Vedic Math Olympiad card game to my students, I hope that they will change their perceptions about Mathematics.
    Audrey Chan
  • Jessica Yap
    .... to increase my daughter's understanding and interest in mathematics.
    Jessica Yap
  • WeeLing Yee children, their maths is not good and I want them to play and learn so they would be interested in maths.
    WeeLing Yee
  • Chan Peik Yein
    .. I believe it definitely will increase my kids’ interest in Mathematics. It will make their mathematics learning stage become more attractive. It is the best way to learn Mathematics while playing the cards!
    Chan Peik Yein
  • Swee Fung
    ... improve my kid's mathematic skills through your fun and learning method. ...I had teach them with many methods but still can't increase their interest in mathematic. Until I learn about this!!!
    Swee Fung
  • Sherry Go
    …(my children) are not good with math. Is good to have this play and learn at the same time. Good bonding time too as family activity game time.
    Sherry Go
  • Cofi Miao young toddlers have early exposure to Math in a fun and engaging way. As the game also incorporates critical thinking and strategic planning skills, this is an ideal way of learning Math. Hope this game will also revive my interest in Math again while going through the game with my children
    Cofi Miao
  • Shirly Chua
    ... I love the fun and creative way it teaches Maths. ...My daughter is standard 1 this year and she tells me the subject she hates most is Maths which makes me quite upset. She has difficulty understanding and solving Maths questions given by the teacher...this card game will help to build her interest in Maths and to strengthen her ability to think, twist, solve and get solutions.
    Shirly Chua
  • Fazz-lizi Idris
    ...Having a twin girls, I think it is of great deed that I could use this interactive and interesting tools in the VMO to sow the seeds from a very ripe age so that they had a fighting chance to catch up with the rest of the world in the future
    Fazz-lizi Idris
  • Franeesha Mesh
    ...He (my child) more time play games this VMO Math Card Game will help for interest in Maths with fun game.
    Franeesha Mesh
  • SB Lau
    ... creates more interactive & bonding time within the family. I believe it is not only good for kids, we ourselves will also gain the benefits & improve our reaction & response to resolve the calculations. I believe VMO is one of the best way to learn Mathematics while playing the cards!
    SB Lau


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