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Join at least 5 workshops to get an E-Cert endorsed by MDEC

How to participate:

Workshops you can join


What you need for Live-Coaching workshop

1. What does Love look like? A Kids Emotional Well-being Workshop.

★ Print Worksheet (Page 13 - 14) from ACF e-Book.
★ Bring 1 Item that represents love to you.

2. How to Design Your Character Digitally! A digital Art workshop

★ Prepare items that expresses LOVE emotion in any form. E.g. Family photos
★ Desktop/laptop and mouse
★ Able to enter [no log in required] on browser

3. How to create an interesting story for an adventurous comic strip

★ Your character Drawing
★ Paper and pencil

4. How to Make Your Own Storybook workshop Intro

★ Print Worksheet (Page 19) from ACF e-Book.
★ Paper, Pencil, Color Pencils, Scissors and Glue.

5. Digital Comic Workshop: From Story to Comic

★ Your character Drawing
★ A Short Story
★ Desktop/laptop computer with mouse
★ able to access [no log in required]

6. Voice Acting Workshop: Express & Impress

★ Your short story
★ Your comic panels ready

7. Sound & Music Composition Workshop

★ Your comic panels ready
★ Desktop/laptop with mouse**
★ Mic or build-in mic
★ Headphones
★ Log into[log in required] using google account.
**Using Ipad MUST be the latest version!**

8. Creative Clay Workshop: Create a Comic Character with Clay

★ Buy a Clay kit HERE
★ Your Comic Panels Ready
★ Your Short story
★ Green Colour Paper / Blue Colour Paper

9. How to Edit Video

★ Your comic panels ready
★ Your audio recordings/sound recording
★ Desktop/laptop with mouse
★ Log in to using google account

10. 3D modelling Workshop

★ your comic panels ready
★ Desktop/laptop with mouse
★ Log in to using google account.

Coach KC

Coach KC is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from International Coach Federation (ICF) who has the expertise and experience to create sustainable transformative change from within. Over the years, KC has coached and inspired many individuals from children as young as 5 years old to adults like corporate executives, educators, and youths, and he co-founded SUPER Avatar.

Leveraging the essence of coaching from ICF, NLP, and coupled with his training and coaching experiences, he has been co-creating many powerful shifts from the deepest low to the highest high with his coaches. Some of his recent training and coaching engagements include TFP Solutions Berhad, Tan Lan Group, Yelaoshr, Sri KL International School, Fairview International School, Sunway University, Monash University, Sri KDU Schools, and many more.



Coach Mei Yi

Coach Mei Yi graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology. Due to her passion with children and parenting, she further researches Kids’ Skills as she believes turning problems into skills for children helps in empowering their growth and self-esteem. She is now an internationally certified Kids’ Skills coach. She is also a NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming) certified practitioner. Together with her coaching experience of more than 5 years with children, she founded SUPER Avatar and is ready to serve more children and parents passionately.  



Coach Chi Yan

Chi Yan has 3 years of advertising experience but found her passion is teaching more than 2 years ago. Using her skills as a Graphic Communications Design graduate, she teaches students of all ages. She enjoys fine art and experimenting with mixed media techniques. Her greatest wish is to empower her students to pursue digital art.



Coach Qiu Xuen

Qiu Xuen is a visual artist and video content creator from Wizard Within. As The One Academy Illustration Course graduate, she can teach anything from drawing to making videos! She takes on different roles in the Wizard Within, from prop maker, backstage coordinator to voice actor and copywriter! She made over 40 videos and conducted many online workshops since MCO. With a passion for photography, graphic design, arts, and performing, she hopes to make learning fun and interesting for children!



Jenn Ting

Wong Jenn Ting is a creative educator, digital artist, and content creator. He has been in the creative Multimedia field for more than a decade with more than 7 years of teaching experience. He taught at Lim Kok Wing University and currently focuses on creating fun content and courses to cultivate children’s creativity. Among his works are picture books and VMO maths Card Game. 



Coach Kevin

Kevin Pirabu graduated with a Bachelor of Education. He had 3 years of experience of working with preschool and special needs. Music has been passion for Teacher kevin and has experience working special needs in music therapy. Teacher Kevin has been teaching students about music composition using Digital platform and he also been work with few artist and songs in music production.



Coach Sarah

Hi, I’m Sarah, a mother of 2 little monsters, an 8 y.o. boy & a 5 y.o. girl. Artventure with Sarah started when my boy was 2 y.o. simply to share simple ideas on how you could spend quality time with your little ones through simple hands-on activities.

Even before my boy was born, I’ve been teaching arts and craft enrichment programs with kindergartens. Throughout my experience, I have noticed how my students have benefited from arts and crafts activities.

With the privilege I have, a family business that produces arts and crafts materials such as play dough, clay, finger paints, etc… I then thought to myself why not combine my experience together with the materials that I already have and come out with activity boxes to reach out to more children so they could benefit from it.

So here I’ve created a fun, creative play with educational and informative ideas of hands-on activities for your little ones’ learning journey to be more meaningful, fruitful, and interesting as well. 

Follow our social media instagram & facebook for these ideas and some parenting tips. 




Here, I too wishes to inspire more mothers, by being one of the winner for AXA SME TakeControl challenge 2019

Coach Ronald

My name is Ronald Per, the creator of Club20, I created CCC – Content Creator Coaching to create opportunities for students to learn technologies. Therefore courses related to multimedia become part of learning. 

Content Creator Coaching is a subsidiary of Club 20, to create great value of contents to the public.


Coach Chun Hoe

Chun Hoe is a 3D and VFX artist in the industry for about 18 years. He graduated from Limkokwing , which granted him the knowledge to teach 3D modeling, he takes on many different roles including: 3D modeler, animator, and motion graphic designer. With passion in the 3D and motion graphic industry, he wished the next generation would be able to get touch in the 3D industry earlier as they could.