We are teachers and workers from multiple industries, who are passionate to empower our students to think creatively and create better value towards life by developing the whole child through our Curated Courses and Edutainment content.
We aim to provide interactive and fun classroom experience for kids as they learn. We focus on the whole child, combining creativity, values and academics through our Creative Courses and Creative content. The Creativity Development System (CDS), focuses on understanding, skill and character, to support academic education and personal development designed for the children of the 21st century. Our curriculum is used in a number of schools like Garden International School, Eaton International School, Taylors International School and so on.

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3What is your Creativity Development System about?
Aside from visual learning, our classes focus on the whole child. Our lessons contains these core elements C.R.E.A.T.E, K.I.L.I values and S.T.E.A.M.
4What is C.R.E.A.T.E?
A guide to idea creation and part of our creativity core elements: Combine, Reverse, Eliminate, Alternative, Transform, Expand.
5What are KILI Values?
Being creative also means showing responsibility with your creativity. KILI is 4 chosen values we believe are the most important to build students’ character. Kaizen (self-improvement), Integrity, Love & Respect, and Innovation.


Creative Courses / Classes

1What are the classes you offer?
We offer our classes as a co-curricular activity (CCA) or Extra-curricular activity (ECA) in schools, as enrichment classes in our center (other locations based on request) and online platforms. We offer Creative Art, Creative Maths and Creative Animation, just to name a few. All subjects are taught using our Creative Development System (CDS), combining our creative syllabus and KILI values. Learn more about our courses..
2What are your CCA/ECA Classes?
Our Co-curricular activity or CCA classes are carried out in our education partners: International schools, and public schools. Interested to have our creative classes at your school? Contact us!
3How do you conduct your online / offline classes?
We do not follow the normal school academic curriculum. Instead, our lessons cover key concepts of subjects and curated to students’ level of understanding. We focus more on visual learning and gamification approaches in both types of classes.

Our online classes are hosted on a (zoom) platform and make use of the technology to create interactive gameplay with children during our lessons. We make use of programmes like Kahoot! app and google Jamboard that students get to compete, cooperate and interact with each other while learning about technology.

All students are assigned to google classrooms where they will have access to homework sheets, resources and more. See some of our resources
4Who are your teachers?
Our teachers are carefully selected industry experts, passionate educators and experienced teachers trained in our Creative Development System (CDS). We also made it mandatory for all our teachers to obtain the Certificate of Good Conduct or Police Clearance Certificate from COUNTRY OF ORIGIN.


Workshops and Camps

1What is VMO camp?
Since the inception and invention of the VMO Maths card game, we have introduced VMO Camp, a 1 day workshop for children aged 7-13, where we teach and play VMO cards with a variety of creative maths concepts and methods. A good time for kids to interact with friends of similar age and compete at the end of the workshop to win prizes. Learn more about our camps!
2What is the ANITHINK’s workshop?
Short, project-based courses. It can be anything from Art to Inventing! Our upcoming workshops are still in the works. We’ll update you soon! Learn more about our camps!


Edutainment Products

1What is VMO game?
VMO Maths game is a card game that cultivates players’ creativity and mathematical thinking. The fun of a VMO game is that apart from the standard rules of the game, you can create your own rules and gameplay! Learn how to play VMO game.
2What are the picture book publications?
Books authored by our founder, Wong Jenn Ting and published here in Malaysia. The Singing Bear, and Duck, A love story are 2 of the many more books and contents to come!


Payment and Refund Policy

1What is the registration fee?
It’s a 1 time administration fee to be paid for first time registration. This fee will cover all the cost of materials during the duration of your child’s studies with us. The fee is RM50.
2When will I receive my product?
All products will be sent upon payment confirmation.
Physical Products (VMO game) will be sent by courier service, tracking number will be provided once it has been picked up by the courier service.

Digital Products will be emailed to you.

For Classes, parents will be contacted for further instructions within a week of registration.
3How do I pay for class?
You can pay to by
  • Cash
  • Cheque address to Anithink Creativity Education
  • Bank transfer to
    • Maybank
    • ANITHINK Creativity Education
    • te512802517100xt

    Send your proof of payment to anithinkhq@gmail.com

    For the Creative Course Classes, it is advised to pay 1 week before the first class of the month. Term payment (3-month) is recommended for CCA students.
4My child can’t attend class/workshop. What do I do?
The last date for any cancellations and refunds for camps/courses refunds is 7 days before the event date. After the date, it is subject to approval.

Money will not be refunded for student-missed classes. However, class notes & homework will be given to your child (Google classroom, tut video, etc).

1 to1 classes
Money can be refunded, or students can be transferred to another class as replacement.

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5I have not received my item/ item is damaged.
Physical Products
  • It may be delayed. Please follow up with the courier service. Let us know as well so we can follow up too.
  • Lost items through the courier service, must be reported by the receiver. Please file a claim with the courier company. We will also do it on our side.
  • Only items that are damaged/ missing parts must be reported within 7 days of receiving the item. After 7 days, it is subject to approval.

Digital Products
Please check your spam folders, if it's not there, we will be happy to resend the product to you.

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Creative Teachers training programme

1What is it about
Our upcoming programme for teachers, ANITHINK’s teacher training programme are meant to prepare teachers to teach our curated syllabus in schools, in our centre and online. The programme will contain student teaching methods, student management, creativity syllabus and KILI values. Interested to join the team?


Social Initiatives

1What are ANITHINK's social initiatives about?
Kids have a special place in our hearts and we do what we can to help educate kids. We have made visitation to Rumah Victory and House of Joy Contact us if you would like to give a helping hand!


ANITHINK Productions

1Who is ANITHINK Production?
ANITHINK Production is the family entertainment arm of our company where we focus on creative content creation such as animation, film, publication, etc. Check them out!
Short Videos
Book Publications