VMO Game


Dear friends,
I am Wong Jenn Ting. A Creative Educator who is fascinated by being creative while making CREATIVITY a subject to study in every school!

VMO GAME is a creative maths card game for children to learn creativity, maths tactics and practice maths in a FUN WAY. There are just SO MUCH we can do with just a set of VMO Game Card.

As the Inventor of VMO Game. I am also an Aikido practitioner with years. Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba. Aikido is often translated as "the way of unifying (with) life energy". Is it also called The way of Harmony.

You may ask what is this related with the VMO Game?! Yes, Aikido have everything related to my invention of the VMO Game.

Because VMO Game had been inspired and design based upon the foundation of an Aikido technique-Shihonage (The FOUR-direction throw) It is based on how fighters long ago used to bow toward the East, North, West and South.

Four years ago on 2015, I saw my nephew struggled in learning his maths and refused to finish his maths homework. And that reminded me, exactly what happened while I was at his age. I too was struggling in my maths. So, without hesitation, I came up with an idea to help him on it. I took out a deck of UNO cards and started playing add up numbers game with him. We had lots of fun doing that and was able to solve quite a number of maths questions using the game cards. I was amazed with adding a little fun in teaching, and was able to make a difference in my nephew’s maths homework.

Then I thought to myself. Why not, making learning maths just like playing games? Wouldn’t it be more fun, using interactive ways to teach children with what they enjoy doing - Just like playing games.

So, I came up with an idea to combine my beloved martial art - Aikido with maths and make it into a card game for children to enjoy playing while learning maths.

[When Shihonage MEET maths = VMO Game]

With this thought and curiosity I had in mind. I started building the first VMO Game prototype with just paper cards; I played it with my friends, students and nephews and getting feedback from them to make it more fun and learnable.

After 4 years of research and development with lots of trial and error. VMO game was born on 31st March 2019. And this was a collaborative effort together with my team in bringing out this wonderful VMO game to the marketplace and it is now available to be purchased.