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Digital Creative Drawing
A creativity development activity that use digital drawing as our learning tools. It conducted with iPad / Android tablet. In this courses we aim to cultivate and prepare our children for the creative industry in future. Age: 7 years old & above Venue: SJK© Serdang Baru 1 Learning Objective: - Allow children to explore and…
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Animation (by enquiry)
Personalised storytelling through stop-motion animation. A comprehensive learning programme that involve Storytelling, drawing, sculpting, recording sound and music. In this course we aim to cultivate our children to be a creative multimedia storyteller. Age: 7 years old & above Learning Objective: - Unlock children imagination via story-telling, encourage empowerment through self-expression. - Learn the music,…
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Aikido (by enquiry)
A creative and fun way to practice one of the most prolific Japanese martial arts, Aikido. The aikido class is taught by the holder of Shodan level (black belt) and follows the syllabus of the Malaysia Aikido Association (MAA). Each student will be entitled to receive ranks from national kyu examinations and participate in seminars…
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Sand Art (by enquiry)
A great way to train reverse thinking. A fun and experimented hand on (Sand) programs :) Children will learn to use sand to sculpting and drawing under a light box. Beside sand, variety of material (transparent colour papers… etc.) use in this class. In order for children to learn how different things react with light.…
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