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创意VMO动力营 | Creative VMO Motivation Camp





【家长们,孩子到底是能力出了问题 ? 还是动力出了问题?】





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【Hi parents, which do you think is more important: Your child's ability to learn or the motivation for them to learn?】

A child without motivation to learn is as though like a sports car without fuel. What more can the car do without it?

So let's focus on creating a learning environment that could encourage children's motivation to study.
•Your child is struggling in mathematics test?
•Your child is not interested in mathematics?
•Exam results are improvement after attending mathematics tuition?

【What is the root cause of the problem? Ability to learn or Motivation to learn?】

Anithink is organizing a 【Creative VMO Motivation Camp】.
The objectives of the camp is to:
•To ignite the motivation to learn mathematics
•To unleash the potential of mathematics
•To foster creativity in your children
If your child has the motivation to learn, parents do not need to urge them to study. They could also learn actively, interact with other students and learn to take responsibility for their own life.

【Creative VMO Motivation Camp】

★Six hours, let our children regain the fun and motivation to learn
★Six hours, let our children unleash their mathematics potential
★Six hours, let our children increase their interest in mathematics
★Six hours, let our children broaden their horizons and grow wiser with creative thinking to solve problems

【Creative VMO Motivation Camp】

The purpose of the camp is to
•Increase the children's learning ability and unleash their mathematics potential.
•Enhance personality and character
•Foster creativity
•Improve interpersonal relationships

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