Creative Principles

Big picture learning method

Not only tell what we going to do. But also tell why we doing something, Instead of just giving order to our children. We need to show them the reason & motif behind. While they know the reason & goal. They will become unstoppable pursuing their goal

Goal & Value Driven

Children need learn to set goal to achieve greatness. In order to tap into our creative flow. We need a goal that we emotionally engage on it. Goal driven model is likeā€¦ " I want to make it , because it is something that matter to me."

Cultivate Creative behaviours

In here, we encourage children to make their own choice. We do our best to inspires & cultivate those quality behaviours in our children. Which included:

  • - Exploration
  • - Imagination
  • - Intrinsic motivation
  • - Freedom
  • - Curiosity