About us


is constant develop & establish Systematic Creative Mental Development Programme that can inspires & cultivate Children Creativity.
What are we doing?

- We provide creative art education for our children.

- We invent and establish practical ways for children to practice creativity.

- We empower creative industries with our professional creative multimedia services.

Why we doing what we do?

We want to move humility forward. We want to make Creativity a subject to study in every primary & secondary school. We want to build up children creative confidence. We want to make our next generation - Creative, Happy & Rich!

Our History

ANITHINK CREATIVITY EDUCATION under the inspired leadership of artist, Wong Jenn Ting has been involved in creative multimedia industries and creative education field.

Wong Jenn Ting is a practicing artist. Prior to establish ANIHTINK CREATIVITY EDUCATION,He was worked as a lecturer in the Limkokwing University, teaching drawing and animation practice. He earned his first working experience as 2D animator/ motion graphic artist at the Center for Content Creation (CCC).

He graduated from RMIT University in Australia on year 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia, majoring in 2D animation. He is also an aikidoka, practicing the art of harmony.

Jenn Ting is a creative and intuitive individual who is committed to inspire others with a passion for the arts. He strives to provide an atmosphere of creativity in his classroom that fosters individual students to achieve artistic excellence.


All our lessons are based on this three core elements but not limited to this.

Our advantages

Improve Student Learning with arts & technology

Studies show that the arts have a positive effect on student learning across the curriculum. Once thought of as “enrichment,” the arts are becoming an integrated and integral part of the school day. Whether you are an aspiring or current teacher, our programs will provide you with the confidence and knowledge to build literacy and engage all children, and the skills to develop curricula that integrate the art.

In here not only art. We use also…

- Game to engage children's learning process

- Storytelling to inspire children's curiosity of "new knowledge"

- Body movement to develop self-confidence