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inspires & Cultivate Children Creativity with Create Thinking

Make the irrelevant relevant. Make the relevant become one. In a simple words, connecting (every) dots. Synthesize idea & matter.
Start with the End Goal in your mind. Think From the End to the Start.
Elaborate to be rich and valuable, but not excessively.
To get a better way, simply remember there are always another way 🙂
Like magic, from here to there. Be expressive, surprising.
Simplicity, Be one instead of two. In a simply word, less is MORE.
ANITHINK Creativity Education

Be creative, be happy 🙂

ANITHINK Creativity Education is specialized in cultivating children's creativity & offering creative art programs for the young and fearless artists. We also providing professional creative multimedia service for the creative industry. Originality and creativity is what we value the most in here. 🙂

What you'll learn?The Essence of Creativity is the ability to associate thinking.

Create Thinking

All our creative lesson will develop your child's creativity and imagination while they have fun in exploring the exciting world of art. They will learn about the principles of create, colour mixing, mark making, creating shapes and body coordination all through interactive and fun lessons.

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Courses for Children

Digital Creative Drawing

A creativity development activity that use digital drawing as our learning tools. It conducted with iPad / Android tablet. In this courses we aim to cultivate and prepare our children for the creative industry in…

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Animation (by enquiry)

Personalised storytelling through stop-motion animation. A comprehensive learning programme that involve Storytelling, drawing, sculpting, recording sound and music. In this course we aim to cultivate our children to be a creative multimedia storyteller. Age: 7…

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Aikido (by enquiry)

A creative and fun way to practice one of the most prolific Japanese martial arts, Aikido. The aikido class is taught by the holder of Shodan level (black belt) and follows the syllabus of the…

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Sand Art (by enquiry)

A great way to train reverse thinking. A fun and experimented hand on (Sand) programs 🙂 Children will learn to use sand to sculpting and drawing under a light box. Beside sand, variety of material…

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A creativity development activity that use drawing & hand on crafting as our learning tools. It conducted with our system designed creativity workbook. In this courses we aim to cultivate our children's creative thinking, creative…

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our Clients

We have been fortunate to continuously serve and empower children from learning centre, national school, to international school.

“Your teaching approach has tapped into that 'magical child quality of wonder & curiosity' and
makes the creative process so much fun again! Thank you”
- Nina Koelmeyer

  • Garden International School

  • Foundation International Learning Centre

  • Rafflesia International School

  • SJKC Serdang Baru One

ANITHINK Creativity Education

19A, Jalan PSK 6,
Pusat Perdagang Seri Kembangan,
43300 Selangor, Malaysia.

018 871 9568 -- Jenn Ting
03 89385261 -- Headquarter


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